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Test Advice

Theory & Hazard Perception.

Theory Test

Don't worry about this, I will give you all the help and support you will need during the course of tuition. The theory test is computer based with 50 multiple choice questions which you have 57 minutes to answer using a touch screen system. To pass the test you must get at least 43 correct out of 50.

Learning to drive is just as much about knowing how to be safe on the roads as it is about handling the car. Therefore much of the Theory and Practical Tests concentrates on "reading the road ahead" so that learners understand how to avoid accidents.

To prepare for the test recommended reading:

  • Highway Code
  • Know Your Road Signs
  • Official theory Test

Hazard Perception Test (HPT)

This includes 14 short film clips where you will have to identify 15 scoreable hazards. Each hazard will require you to take some form of action such as change of speed or direction which is done by clicking left or right on the mouse. Read the road ahead and click a soon as you see a potential hazard click then click again as the hazard developes.

You must score 44 out of a possible 75 to pass the test. Many of the things in the theory books will become obvious when driving. I will help you understand the rules of the road, road markings and road signs, how to approach roundabouts and junctions and lots more which will make your theory test preparation much easier.


You have to pass both the Theory and Hazard Perception Test prior to booking your Practical Tests. From the date you pass you have 2 years to take and pass your practical test.